Organ installation

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Check updates on our organ installation here.


This summer’s Growth Groups provide an opportunity to gather with a small group to grow in faith and connect in Christian friendship. Gatherings are held at church or other locations the group chooses. Our groups discuss the previous sermon message for deeper understanding and life-application. Sign up here.

SUMMER SESSION: July 7-August 16

Recent Events

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Our nation’s Independence Day offers us a special reason to thank God for his kindness to the United States. We enjoy extraordinary freedoms here. That includes the freedom to practice our faith.

We offer prayers for our nation during worship on June 30 and July 1,

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On Father’s Day we celebrate the wonderful blessing God provides families through fathers. Impress your father, grandfather, and any other father-figures in your life by inviting them to worship with you.

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Our denomination has a spectacular opportunity to share the good news about Jesus in Vietnam. The Lord is opening a door to reach the more than two million Hmong people who live in Vietnam and the surrounding countries. However, this door can close at any time. Our WELS World Missions team is working quickly to ensure WELS is taking full advantage of the time the lord has provided. Consequently, it is gathering a special offering through June 2019, with the goal of raising $2 million to purchase land, construct a Bible school campus, and cover the initial two years of operational costs. Learn more by tapping here.

Special worship service: On June 9/10, Pastor Keith Free, the head of our synod’s home missions ministry, will be our guest speaker. At that time, we will gather our special offering to support our denomination’s opportunity to share the gospel in Vietnam.

Save the date

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Divine Peace’s Sunday morning Explorers program is a safe and fun activity for children ages 3-13.

Explorers is on summer break until September 8. Children are eagerly welcomed to attend worship with their parents.

Tap here to learn more about Explorers.

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Our adult Bible study is on summer break. Classes begin again on September 8.