Not just an emotion

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Love in marriage. Chances are you have been lied to about it.

A healthy love between husband and wife is an action, not a feeling. It is selflessly doing everything possible for the welfare and benefit and happiness of one’s spouse. Healthy love in a marraige is patterned after and motived by God’s love for us. This article says, “When that is happening in a marriage, no one ever needs to worry about ‘my wants, my needs, and my welfare,’ because the spouse is already taking care of those things.” Read the article here.

My husband hates me

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What should you do if your spouse wants a divroce? This short article offers basic advice. Read it here. Pastor Learman may also be of assistance. Contact him at (414) 545-4345 or

Building a strong, God-pleasing marriage

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This article offers seven keys to building a solid marriage that, empwoered by God’s grace, will bless both spouses and children. They are also the principles children need to see at work so they can use them to build their own marriages. Read the article here.