Bible Study

Bible Classes

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Various Bible classes are offered throughout the year as an opportunity to grow in faith together. These pastor-led studies explore books of the Bible, faith topics, or issues of timely interest. See the Events page for the current or upcoming study.

Growth Groups

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Growth Groups provide an opportunity to gather with a small group to grow in faith and connect in Christian friendship. Gatherings may be held at church, someone's home or a restaurant. Many of our groups gather to discuss the previous sermon message and take it deeper in how it applies to our lives. See the Events page to sign up for the start of the next Growth Group session.

WINTER SESSION:  February - March

SUMMER SESSION:  June - mid-July

FALL SESSION:  October - November

Interactive Faith Online Bible Study

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Various online Bible studies are available throughout the year. Pastors from our WELS denomination lead these studies where you can take in teaching and interact with an online discussion. For information on upcoming studies or to view previous archived videos, tap here.