C18 - inviting one million to worship on Christmas

WELS’ C18 is an effort to reach one million souls with the gospel prior to and on Christmas Eve. It’s an effort that includes you.

Think about how many unchurched people you know—friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors who either do not have faith in Jesus or who do not have a Christian church where that faith is being fed with the true Word of God. How many people is that? Dozens?

Now consider the fact that WELS has well over a third of a million members. (Yes, I’m counting little children, because they can share their faith with friends too!) When you do the math, sharing the gospel with a million people this Christmas seems like a very achievable goal.

A study by LifeWay Research found that 80% of unchurched adults would seriously consider accepting an invitation, extended by a friend, to attend a Christmas Eve service. Why? Because even the unchurched love the celebration of Christmas.

When they come to worship, we will give them more than candles and nostalgia. We will tell them that the world is a dark place and that the darkness exists in each of our hearts. We will also tell them that to pierce that darkness, God took on flesh. We will explain that what they see in the manger is not just a baby. He is Light. We will share law and gospel with one-million souls. Then we will let the Holy Spirit do with our witness whatever he pleases.

Whom will you invite?

For C18 resources tap here.

Advent Family devotion materials

Divine Peace suggests two specially crafted sets of family devotion materials for Advent and Christmas.

C18 devotionsA.jpg

One is from our denomination’s C18 effort. It emphasizes reaching out with Christmas’ “good news of great joy” to the unchurched during the holiday season. Printed copies of these materials are available at Divine Peace. Or tap here to download these devotions.

The other comes from Martin Luther College. MLC also had made its prior advent/Christmas devotions available on its website. Find these devotions by tapping here.

christmas_advent_candles_advent-title-1-Wide 5x7a.jpg

Midweek Advent Services - December 5, 12, 19 @ 6:30pm

On each of the first three Wednesdays of December (5, 12, 19), we will gather for worship to prepare our hearts to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Don’t miss out on this time of quiet reflection on our Savior’s coming. Services are at 6:30 pm.

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