The installation of our new organ

St. Andrew Lutheran in Milwaukee has generously gifted Divine Peace with its pipe organ. To bring that organ to Divine Peace, it had to be disassembled at St. Andrew and then reassembled at Divine Peace. Below is a video record of the project.

How wonderful to have the expertise of John Miller to direct this project. But we also rejoice in all the volunteers who helped disassemble the organ at St. Anderw and transport it to Divine Peace. Thank you, Divine Peace Community. And thank you, Jesus!

Update August 26. Our organ installation has arrived at the pipe-tuning phase. This is what the tuning process looks — and sounds — like.

Update August 23. The large pipes are installed. The blower is ready to breathe air into the pipes.

Update August 20. The connections between the keyboard and the pipes are installed.

Update, August 17. New leathers are installed in the wooden pipes. Connectors between the keyboard and the pipes are attached.

Update, July 18

Update, July 1

Update, May 26

Organ installation project: Cabinet is assembled (Day 8)

Organ 190513.jpg

Organ installation project. Update at worship (May 12).

Organ installation project, Day 5 (May 10).

Organ installation project, Day 4 (May 9).

Organ installation project, Day 3 (May 8).

Organ installation project, Day 2 (May 7).

Organ installation project, Day 1 (May 6).