Know Jesus Better

The Divine Peace community strives to help others know Jesus better. This is how we plan to live out that goal.

Our mission

To help and equip people for a life with Christ now and eternally.

Our vision

To reach more and to grow deeper. We are a church that is growing in numbers and growing deeper in faith as we lead people to know Jesus better.

Our values

Truth and grace: Our message is the beauty of God’s saving grace in Jesus found in the uncompromising truth of God’s Word and its message of law and gospel.

Kingdom balance: God calls us to both reach out with the gospel and grow believers in faith.

Continuous learning: We can never know it all. There is always more to learn and understand about God and how we can better carry out the mission in our world today.

Supportive relationships: Life and faith is not meant to be done alone. We are here to rejoice in joys and carry each other’s burdens.

Proactive: While crisis and issues can arise unexpectedly, we value taking steps to look ahead and anticipate circumstances that we can respond to more effectively ahead of time.

Generosity: We value faithful and sacrificial giving of time, talent and treasure toward God, the church, and those in need.

Evaluate everything: We have a culture where we are not afraid to invite constructive feedback and evaluate our contributions to the work of God in the interest of encouragement, improvement and best stewardship.

Express appreciation: We give thanks to God and each other for the blessings he brings and the contributions people make to the work of the kingdom.

Our strategies

Community outreach: We prioritize God’s call to spread the gospel and lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Engaging worship: God desires our praise and provides his blessing through Word and sacraments. We provide an engaging worship experience that draws an increasing number of people to participate on a regular basis.

Spiritual growth: To follow Jesus means to grow in faith and knowledge and walk in a more godly way each day. To provide a climate for spiritual growth we encourage God’s people to spend time together in God’s Word.

Children’s ministry: Jesus loves the little children and so do we! We provide effective and engaging learning to children that instills a growing faith and Christian values for a lifetime of Christian commitment.

Reach and support the family: Today’s families need help. We encourage and resource marriages and parents to succeed at life and to make God and his Word a part of their home.

Supportive relationships: We are committed to creating an environment where everyone at Divine Peace experiences Christian community.

Growing generosity: We encourage and equip for the faithful use of time, talent and treasure in service to the Lord, his church, and our community. Our goal is that everyone finds joy in serving and in making an eternal impact on the lives of others.

Leadership and staffing: We believe that God has richly endowed Divine Peace with members who have remarkable talents. We strive to focus and unleash those gifts of God.

Facilities: God has given Divine Peace beautiful facilities. We will provide for their ongoing maintenance along with facility and equipment upgrades so these ministry tools help others know Jesus better.

Communications: We seek to keep participants engaged and informed with timely information that utilizes quality and effective methods of communication.