The homework wrestling match

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The ringside bell clangs and the evening’s wrestling match over homework begins

Child: “I don’t get this stuff!”

Parent: “We talked about this yesterday. What don’t you get?”

Child: “I hate English!”

Parent: “That doesn’t make any difference. Do it anyway.”

Child: I’ll do it later.”

Parent: “No. You’ll do it now.”

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Four R’s for Christian Parenting

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Parenting advice often seems too complicated to apply. This article offers four simple principles that are easy to remember and to apply. Those four R’s are

REDEEMED: Trust they are forgiven

RESPECTFUL: Treat others with love

RESPONSIBLE: Take ownership of their actions

RESOURCEFUL: Think of ways to get things done

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Create a Balance

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Work. Relationships. Leisure. Personal growth. Spiritual growth. Physical health.

Many demands pull and tug at us. In the struggle, life gets out of balance.

Our children’s lives can also get out of balance. This article provides directives for helping our children — and us parents — stay in balance. Read it here.