WELS and related ministries

Divine Peace is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).

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Other ministries that Divine Peace is concerned about include:

  • 316NOW is an educational, humanitarian organization that equips and mentors Christian leaders in China for their service to others. Visit site

  • WCFS‐Christian Family Solutions’ mission is “healing and helping people in need through the ministry of Jesus Christ.” WLCFS offers senior services in Wisconsin and Christian counseling programs available nationally and internationally. Visit site

  • Conquerors Through Christ exists to give spiritual and practical advice to Christians struggling to overcome adult internet pornography. CTC pursues this fight against internet pornography because of the devastation pornography wreaks on the families and individuals in our churches and because of porn’s danger to souls.  CTC equips individuals to fight this battle with the proper motivation and preparation. Visit site

  • Freedom for the Captives provides resources for survivors of child sexual abuse, and for churches and their leaders who desire to minister faithfully when cases of such abuse become known.  Visit site

  • Institutional Ministries is a nonprofit organization established in 1901 that ministers to people living in correctional facilities, drug and alcohol treatment centers, hospitals, mental health centers, and extended care facilities. It also offers post institutional support. Sharing hope with those who need it most! Visit site

  • Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM) assists congregations in reaching out to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and communities. Nationwide, JCM programs encourage Bible studies, worship and fellowship opportunities. We assist congregations in developing Bible classes and worship services designed to meet each person at his or her comprehensive level. Visit site

  • Kingdom Workers collaborates with Lutherans through the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Church to learn what local communities need. Then, we deploy resources and mission workers to help the locals create a ministry that addresses their physical need, while sharing the gospel and love of Jesus. We build churches, bring access to clean water, teach sustainable farming, or do whatever it takes to connect people to the love of Jesus Christ. Visit site

  • Lighthouse Youth Center is an urban outreach mission committed to being “a beacon for Christ to the youth of the community.” This nonprofit youth center has been created to provide afterschool programming. Its goal is to equip youth with skills necessary to become self‐controlled, responsible members of society. Lighthouse Youth Center provides a safe environment where the youth of the community interact with positive Christian role models. Most important, the truths of Scripture are taught and the love of Christ permeates everything. Visit site

  • Northwestern Publishing House’s vision is to be the premier resource for quality Lutheran materials faithful to the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions. We offer resources for the church, the school, and the home. In addition to adult and youth curriculum, we publish periodicals and books of general interest on a variety of subjects: devotions, family and personal guidance, church history, and Scripture studies such as the popular People’s Bible commentary series and the People’s Bible Teachings series on doctrine. We also provide books and materials selected from other Christian publishers. Visit site

  • Time of Grace connects people to God’s grace by sharing the timeless truths of God’s Word through television, print, and digital media—with more than three million content engagements each month. Visit site

  • WELS Lutherans for Life (WLFL) saves the lives of babies and transforms families from at‐risk to thriving with the ultimate goal of sharing the message of Christ and saving souls through the gifts of faithful and generous contributors. WLFL operates a pregnancy medical center in greater Milwaukee and is dedicated to helping individuals dealing with unintended pregnancies understand God’s gift of life. WLFL provides medical services including ultrasound scans, abortion pill reversal, and pregnancy tests in consultation with volunteer nurses and trained client advocates. Visit site

  • Wisconsin Lutheran College‘s mission is to produce well-prepared Christian leaders who understand the importance of serving others as they lead. Students who choose to attend the college desire a strong and challenging liberal arts program. They expect to be prepared for their future. Visit site

  • Wisconsin Lutheran High School’s purpose is to educate Christians for a life of service to their Savior and to all others. As a comprehensive high school we train students for whatever comes after graduation, whether that is the work force, college, or the military. Visit site